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July Rent

July 2014 Rent for Mill Hollow Community Residents:

Monthly Lot Rent: $246.00

Monthly Water Fee: $7.00

Monthly Sewer Fee: $27.00

Total: $280.00

Rent is due on the first, payable by the 5th. A $15.00 late fee is charged on any remaining balance after the 5th.

We will now be posting the Lot Rent on the residents' page for anyone that would prefer to get an email reminder each month instead of a statement in the mail. The email will direct them to this page with the Rent described for the month.

If you have an owing balance or credit on your account, it will be included in the email with the link to this page.

If you ever need an individualized statement or proof of payment for taxes or other purposes, feel free to ask and I can send you one.

Thanks for helping us save some trees and stamps! :)

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