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Eclipse Week in Mill Hollow

Eclipse Week in Mill Hollow

  • We have been told to expect unauthorized parking from visitors. Beginning Wednesday, August 16th we will have “Caution No Parking” tape available for you in the office if you want to prevent strangers from parking by your yard.

  • There will be NO PARKING or camping by the playground. We will lock the gate and have the watering pipes out to help prevent this.

  • If you have guests staying in your home or yard it will be your responsibility to promptly clean up any messes or damages to your yard caused by their stay.

  • Please be aware that Mill Hollow is not planning any major construction during this week. Therefore, any water shortages, or utility challenges will most likely be due to the increase of visitors to Rexburg.

  • The Mill Hollow office will be closed Monday, August 21st but I will be available on my cell at 208-390-6527. (We are told that texting may be more reliable in case cell phone towers are overloaded)

  • Please communicate with neighbors about extra cars or visitors that may affect them and please be patient and have consideration with each other.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Eclipse!

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