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Community BBQ Pictures and Review

Thanks to everyone that came out to our Community BBQ!

A special thank you to the local businesses around town that donated our prizes: The Craze, Papa Murpheys, Pizza Pie Café, Great Scotts, Paramount 5 and Teton Vu, The Hickory, Karrie Anns, and Gator Jacks!

Also, Thanks to Old School BBQ and Kiwi Loco for some great food!

I appreciate those of you that left feedback. Some of them I wanted to pass back on to the community. We had one suggestion for a community yard sale. We tried to do this last year but didn’t have enough interest. If you would like to participate in one this year let me know and I can advertise and help put it together.

We also had requests for people to clean up after their dogs in the park and for less cats wondering. I realize some of these are strays from other communities but please help us keep our pets indoors and park area clean.

Click HERE for more pictures from this event.

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