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Yard Waste Trailer

The yard waste trailer has been removed.

To put it simply, we have too many people dumping things that are not yard waste.

The large construction items have damaged the trailer and it is actually in for repair right now. However, it will not be put back when it is fixed.

This was a privilege that no other community in Rexburg provides. The dump that has taken our yard waste trailer for years has threatened to not work with us any more at their great rates because we are dumping items that they cannot accept.

Mill Hollow has sent out notices and warnings for years about what is allowed in this trailer but unfortunately it continues to get worse. We are aware that some of the dumping is from people that don’t even live in our community.

I would like to thank those residents that have respected the rules of the community and only dumped yard waste in our trailer and household waste in the dumpster area.

We would still like to encourage you to keep your yards looking great year round and would like to do what we can to help. Therefore, we will pick up yard waste placed next to the road by the top of your driveway twice a month.

We will pick it up on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Please have leaves bagged and branches bundled. Please have your waste ready by NOON on these Saturdays so that we can collect all the waste and dump it before the dump closes.

The City of Rexburg Spring Clean-up will also be picking up bagged and bundled yard waste on the curb from April 9th- May 18th during the week.

Thanks for your support as we try to keep our community looking great!

Give me a call with any questions. 208-356-3326

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