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December Exciting CHANGES! Please Read and Respond ASAP

Mill Hollow Community Residents,

I am so excited to inform you that the city is changing our trash service to individual resident pickup!! Similar to the communities around us, we will have 90 gallon trash cans for each resident in our community!

When: We do not have an exact date yet but when the city receives the cans they will be delivered during the month of December. When they are delivered to our community we will immediately begin using them as the dumpsters will be removed upon arrival of the cans.

Cost: There is no additional cost to you for this service!

What you need to do: Have the can on the street by 7 AM on every other Thursday morning. Depending on when the can arrives at your home; the initial pickup would be December 4th, December 18th or January 1st. When the trash has been picked up please promptly remove the cans from the street and store them out of sight until the next scheduled pickup.


  • Recycling Cans are available at no extra cost to you but need to be requested. Please let me know if you would like this additional benefit.

  • Weekly trash pickup is available at an additional cost of approximately $8.00 per month and must be requested.

For more details check out the Rexburg City Sanitation website at:

Winterizing Your Pipes:

The park is responsible for the main valve under your hoe which is located under-ground level. It has come to our attention that many have reached their life expectancy and need to either be repaired or replaced. We will be doing an inspection of these valves under your home beginning Saturday, December 6th. Please have your access point open on this date if you would like to be present of this inspection please contact me to schedule it. Any valves above the ground are the responsibility of the homeowner. Remember the heat should never be completely shut off at your home during the winter for ANY reason.

We are setting up an automated phone message for any future plumbing emergencies which requires that the water be shut off to your home. In some cases this will be on short notice. If I do not have your current phone numbers please update your contact information with me ASAP.

No Street Parking:

As a final reminder, there is no parking in the streets during winter months. Cars parked on the street at this point are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.

*If you pay lot rent for a home in Mill Hollow but do not currently live in it, please make sure that this information gets to the resident in a timely manner.


Emily Perkes

Mill Hollow Resident Manager

December 2014 Rent for Mill Hollow Community Residents:

Monthly Lot Rent: $246.00

Monthly Water Fee: $7.00

Monthly Sewer Fee: $27.00

Total: $280.00

Rent is due on the first, payable by the 5th. A $15.00 late fee is charged on any remaining balance after the 5th.

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