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Spring Newsletter and new Pet Policy

3/15/14 Spring Newsletter and new Pet Policy!


Dear Residents;

Happy Spring!

We have some exciting new updates and changes to the community that I am anxious to share.

First, we have a community website! I hope that this will be a great benefit to each of you. There is a section for homes available for rent and for sale so as you advertise your home this can be a great resource for you as well as a section for residents. Please take a minute to look at it and let me know what you think or what you would like to see added or changed.

Second, we are changing our pet policy! Even if you do not have pets, please be aware of this information as false rumors have been spreading about what kinds of pets we allow. This has caused horrible heartbreak and financial stress to families who already have a pet that they have to sell or have to move out of the park after just buying a house on false pretenses about what kinds of pets we allow. Please help me clear these rumors.

We are now changing our pet policy from only one pet to allowing two pets. This has been a long awaited change and I think will make many of you happy. However, they still MUST BE INDOOR PETS. This simply means that they may not be outside unattended (being in a fenced yard or on a leash does not count as being attended to). This has always been the rule but with the allowance of two pets we will be reinforcing this more seriously. DO NOT PLAN TO KEEP YOUR DOG OUTSIDE ALL DAY.

Furthermore, if your cat is roaming the park it may be trapped and sent to the pound at any time without further warning. We still do not allow any dog that is larger than 16 inches at the shoulder height (so make sure you know for certain how big your puppy will get before falling in love with him/her). We also do not allow vicious breeds.

The following are general reminders as the snow melts that we all need to review before the Spring inspections.

1. Trash Area: The trailer we provide is for your bagged yard waste only. Don’t put anything in or by the dumpsters that the city won’t take- as specified by the sign. Appliances, wood items or remodeling materials need to be taken to the transfer station on Airport Road. The city will not empty dumpsters containing any of these items. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUNG CHILDREN TO THE DUMPSTERS. Young children cannot reach over the edge of the dumpsters.

2. Parking on yard area: Please do not park on the yard areas. This will prevent ruts forming in the grass; also the packing down of the grass destroys and retards growth. Areas which have been already damaged must be repaired by the Resident immediately.

3. Yard care: Lawns should be mowed weekly and trimmed bi-monthly in accordance with the rental agreement. If you are in need of assistance with your yard care please contact the office (356-3326) and we can refer you to someone.

4. Park Maintenance: We will be trimming trees again this spring. If you have any questions regarding those located on your lot please feel free to ask us.

5. Porches, Steps: All (new or old) porches and steps should be painted or a colored wood stain applied to match the home. Please do this as weather permits no later than June 1, 2012.

6. Painting: Any skirting or siding which has been water stained or rust stained should be repainted. Please be sure that all trim around your home is painted a uniform color. This should be completed no later than June 1, 2012.

7. Storage. To be in compliance with the rental agreement, all items should be stored in a storage shed. This includes boxes, lumber, appliances, etc. Wood piles should be stacked at the rear of the home. Please start cleaning up the lots, porches, or carports from garbage, tarps, or anything that would distract from a pleasing appearance.

8. Vehicles. Any vehicle that is in-operable should be removed from the rental lots. See the rental agreement for clarification on this rule.

Additionally, we will be spraying for weeds again this year. Dates and details are still to come.Within the next few weeks we will be doing our semi-annual lot inspection.

We know you are as interested as we are in keeping up the pleasing appearance of our park and your neighborhoods. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or helpful ideas.


Emily Perkes


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